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Inspirations The Gift of Life W By Ruth Fields When Kim Hyde McMillan was about 10 years old, it began to bother her that she was an only child. Kim had been adopted in Austin when she was eight days old by a childless couple named Peter and Eileen Hyde. Although her adoptive parents provided her with everything she needed, Kim longed for a sibling. When she later befriended a girl named Casey, whose mother headed an international adoption agency, Kim was relentless. “She got really adamant about it,” her father, Peter, says. Peter and Eileen had been considering adopting again; however, they were in their late forties. Many avenues of domestic adoption were not available to them. So, they began the laborious process of international adoption, using Casey‘s mother’s agency. In time, they 16 Postcards Magazine: Montgomery County Edition | December 2013 Photos by K 2 Images were told that they would be able to adopt a four-year-old Russian girl. The Hyde family excitedly planned for her arrival, readying her room and buying clothes. The adoption, however, was not to be. Because of deteriorating political relations with the U.S., Russia suspended all American adoptions of Russian children. The Hyde family was crushed. “We were extremely disappointed,” Peter says, “but we were told by the agency not to worry. They said ‘we will still find a little one for you guys.’” “It was devastating,” Kim says, “but in retrospect, it all makes sense now.” A few months later, a two-year-old girl in Romania was avail- able for adoption and the Hyde family made preparations to add another member at last. They made airline reservations, but Eileen