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Business Focus Written by Ruth Fields Photos by K 2 Images W When Robert “Butch” Evans was growing up in Waco, he was good friends with a boy who lived two blocks away. In time, he got to know his friend’s sister, Emily. Eventually, Butch and Emily married, went away to college and ultimately returned to Waco. After a few years, however, Butch wasn’t happy with his job. When he heard about Waco-based Rainbow International Carpet Dyeing and Cleaning from the wife of a co-worker, he and Emily became franchisees. They chose to set up shop in Huntsville because it was a college town and had beautiful trees. They moved into a one-bedroom apartment with their two-year-old daughter Katy in 1982. “We were young,” Emily says. “We didn’t have a clue what we were getting into.” To make the business work, Emily needed to drum up at least two jobs for Butch each day. So, in the evenings, Butch took Katy out to play while Emily made cold calls on the telephone. “As soon as I had two, I was done for the day,” she says. “I hated cold calls.” 38 Postcards Magazine: Montgomery County Edition | December 2013