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Just for Holiday Fun Following Yonder Star By Ruth Fields Submitted Photos To Huntsville To Madisonville John Rudolph From Conroe Bethlehem City (Conroe) W December 5–8 and 12-15 (gates open at 6 p.m.) Front entrance to drive through the Bethlehem City experience Re-enactment of Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples 8 Postcards Magazine: Montgomery County Edition | December 2013 West Conroe Baptist Church has been the home of Bethlehem City for seven years. Dr. Jay Gross, pastor, got the idea of a multi-scene re-enactment of the birth and life of Jesus from his friend Mark Estep, pastor of Spring Baptist Church. As Estep described previous produc- tions, Gross listened with mounting excitement. Then he called church member Bobby Cantrell, a homebuilder, to ask if he thought the idea was feasible. “I told him what I was thinking about and immediately his eyes lit up,” Gross says, “He said, ‘Jay, we can do it!’” Next, Gross assembled 15 people, asking them to head teams, such as construction, cast, make-up, costumes and security. They liked the idea so much, they are still directors of those teams today. Bethlehem City, a drive-through event, will be held this year on December 5-8 and December 12-15. Admission is free. Each night, the front gate opens at 6 p.m.; cars begin driving through at 6:30. Wait times are from 30 to 45 minutes, so volunteers recommend securing a place in line no later than 7:15 to guarantee entrance. Once inside the church parking lot, drivers and passengers are offered hot chocolate and candy canes. On a typical year, the church’s hot choc- olate team distributes well over 400 gallons of hot chocolate. Attendees are also given CDs that narrate their journey through Bethlehem City. There are 22 scenes, beginning with the messianic prophecy of Isaiah. Scenes portray the birth and life of Jesus, culminating with his cruci- fixion and resurrection.