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Do You Know? By Ruth Fields Photos by K 2 Images Jon Sheptock W hen Jon Sheptock’s wife, Staci, suggested that the couple and their young daughter move from New Jersey to Huntsville, Jon came “kicking and screaming.” He liked his job in New Jersey and was pessimistic about his prospects for employment in the Huntsville area. Soon, however, he was presented with an opportunity to put his natural singing and songwriting abilities to use in an unusual way. His pastor, C.F. Hazlewood of Fellowship of Huntsville, suggested that Jon sing for inmates in nearby prisons. At first he resisted, but then agreed to conduct one prison performance. Four and a half years later, Jon is the lead singer in an acclaimed, multi-gen- erational band, the One Percenters, which performs a unique blend of Christian music about four times a month for packed prison audiences of 200 to 350. The band derived its name from the New Testament parable that tells of a shepherd leaving 99 sheep to find one lost sheep. Jon is in great public demand, scheduling about 150 speaking and singing engage- ments across the country every year. He is busy at home, too: he has been married for 14 years and is the father of three daughters, Anna (11), Sadie (6), and Chloe (4). He often remembers with dismay a dark moment as a despairing college student when he nearly ended his own life. “Never in a million years,” he said, could he have imagined such a fulfilling life ahead. Photo courtesy of Jon Sheptock 20 Postcards Magazine: Piney Woods Edition | July – August 2013