Pitcher Perfect


2016 04Apr Publisher FeatureOutside my office window sits a little table and a couple of chairs. On this table is a pitcher that holds some fake flowers (don’t judge). Recently, I noticed the pitcher was on its side and the flowers were on the ground. As I made a mental note to correct that, I noticed movement inside the pitcher. A little bird had decided my pitcher would make a great place for her nest. I watched her for quite a while that day (and many more times over the following days) as she built her nest, twig by twig and string by string. And then it happened…

The lawn service came. And when they were blowing off the porch, they “fixed” the pitcher and put the flowers back in place. When we saw, we did our best to recreate the home by turning the pitcher back on its side and removing the flowers, but the little bird was not okay with the changes, and we have not seen her again.

I’ve been left to ponder how often we are like the players in this story. How often do we work and work to accomplish something, only to let the first unplanned change make us abandon our plans and our hard work altogether? Or how often do we think we are helping by “fixing” something that isn’t actually a problem for the other person at all?

The little pitcher is still lying on its side, and the nest is still there. Albeit abandoned, it has certainly provided some interesting food for thought. It’s reminded me to work hard and not quit when unexpected changes happen. It’s reminded me to stop and think before stepping in to “fix” something that isn’t really my business! It’s reminded me that God is in control, and that little bird is in His care…which is way better than any little pitcher I could provide.

So welcome spring, and please remember to give our advertisers a Thank You for making Postcards Magazine a reality.

Until next time ~ Karen


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