Twinkle Time


2014 12Dec TwinkleTime FeatureLast week, I was driving down the road in a light rain.  It was twilight time, and I noticed the reflection of the traffic lights on the pavement.  The water and the lights changing created a twinkle that reminded me of the upcoming holiday.  It’s twinkle time!

To me, twinkle time is the time of year when there are seemingly lights on everything you see.  It’s almost magical.  I love to see it arrive, and usually hate to see it end.  I think the reason is because it’s a time when people tend to be friendlier and neighbors more thoughtful…a time to think about those people who serve you throughout the year, and what you can do to show them your appreciation.  You know what I mean – people like your mail carrier, who makes sure you get Postcards Magazine every month!

A few years ago, I discovered another “twinkle” – caused by all the glitter wrapping paper I adore!  It’s the time of year that I will look in the mirror; and I will twinkle, too…because glitter gets everywhere!

Twinkle time is also a time when we pause to think about those less fortunate–a time to share our blessings and help make others happy.  It’s a time to pause and be thankful for the Savior (for whom this season was created) and think about that twinkling star that shone over Bethlehem.

To me, twinkle time means happy time.  It’s family time.  It’s good neighbor and good citizen time.  And, if you see my husband or my children covered in glitter, just tell them you like their twinkle!

Merry Christmas ~ Karen


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